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Reiki room
  The Studio is in Penngrove / Petaluma 


A unique country setting to uplift your spirit.

The studio is nestled in a serene countryside, surrounded by open fields. It is in Penngrove, a small town very close to Petaluma.

The ranch provides the perfect backdrop for my shamanic reiki practice, offering a peaceful and grounding environment conducive to deep healing and rejuvenation.


As you drive to the studio, the wide open spaces and peaceful surroundings will work their magic as you get there, providing ample opportunity for quiet reflection, introspection, and meditation.

The Sonoma studio allows me to do a variety of treatments not offered in a city environment:

Dry Fire, Floral Baths, Outdoor Shamanic Meditations .

Sonoma is the perfect location for a healing session with its beautiful sceneries, warm climate, relaxed vibe,

healthy lifestyle and open mind. 

Relax and let go.


How to get to Penngrove Studio from the South

Get on US-101 N
Follow US-101 N to Old Redwood Hwy N/Redwood Hwy N in Petaluma.

Take exit 476 from US-101 N
Continue on Old Redwood Hwy N/Redwood Hwy N.

Take Elysian Ave to

 Olsen Ln in Penngrove

La Paloma


Reset your energy and regain balance

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