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Bruno Mars - Marry You


Bruno Mars - Marry You

"Marry You" is one of the eleven songs produced by the Smeezingtons, the collaboration of Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, and Ari Levine, for Mars's debut studio album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans.[1] Lawrence explained the inspiration behind the song in an interview with American Songwriter stating, "[w]e had this image of a slow-mo video in Vegas of a couple running, and she's in her gown and he's in his tux, the wedding party is behind them. This sort of crazy, daring, wedding feeling". Lawrence was surprised at the impact of the song after watching some YouTube videos. He stated that "[w]e always thought it was a good song and catchy, but we didn't think it would affect pop culture the way that it has. The first time we saw one of those YouTube videos ... we were almost in tears ... the power of what it is we can create. These ideas, words, and lyrics and how they can get into the fabric of society and affect people's lives in such an amazing way."[2] In an interview with Idolator Bruno Mars said that the song had its beginning by "just playing the chords," and then freestyling the lyrics "I think I wanna marry you!". He continued, "you're in Vegas ... had way too many drinks, and you love everybody, and you want to do something that you probably shouldn't do and you'll regret in the morning."[3]

In a mixed review, Tim Sendra of Allmusic praised the song's "dynamic and nuanced production", yet founding the track "pleasantly silly".[18] The Scotsman affirmed the track shows Mars at his best and worst, "his facility for a jolly tune and catchy but disposable rhyming couplets".[15] In a negative review, Mike Diver of BBC Music thought confessed that the recording was a "too-clingy and very creepy love song" and noted its lack of inspiration.[19] Similarly, Slant Magazine's Eric Henderson suggested that the song was spun off of Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You", where the word "fuck" was changed to "marry". He further added that the single was a "bizarrely syncopated piledriver".[20]

Isaac's grandmother and Amy. "She told me to marry Amy right after the first time they met 3 years ago! Both my grandmothers were in the proposal (on either side of the laptops) but you couldnt see them in the video."

Racked: Any advice for guys trying to plan a special proposal to surprise Isaac: I've heard a lot that I've ruined proposals for other guys. I don't think that's even remotely true. What was special about this proposal wasn't that we did some crazy production number, it was that an entire community of our closest friends and family helped me express my deep love for Amy in a completely genuine way. The only advice I can give is to keep it genuine. Don't try to impress just to impress. This worked for me because it was a genuine extension of my artistic sensibility and it delighted Amy...but as long as it's YOU asking the woman you love to marry you, that's all she'll need to be impressed.

It's that feeling when you'rein Vegas, and you've had way too many drinks, and you love everybody, and you want to do something that you probably shouldn't do and you'll regret in the morning. We wanted to capture that feeling and put it in a song" - said by bruno mars himself in an interview

It's about a guy and girl who've had too much "dancing juice" (ie., drunk) and the guy suggests "something dumb to do. Hey, baby, I think I wanna marry you."So they do a quickie wedding in "this chapel on the boulevard."And then they break up the next day and its okay because he says "if you wake up and you want to break up, that's cool. No, I won't blame you. It was fun, girl."In a nutshell, it's a about two people who get drunk and have a quickie wedding somewhere like Vegas.It's not a romantic song. So, please don't play it to propose or at your wedding.

i think the song is about two people who are in love and the boy wakes up one morning and say i think i want to marry you but then when he gets down on one knee he doesnt think it is a good idea to get married and just wants to have fun 59ce067264

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